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compared to 8% for
overall population


(Legco Secretariat, 2017)


(Legco Secretariat, 2020)

9 out of 10

(HKCSS x HKCS, 2017)

Poverty rate of
SA working households

Students entering post-secondary programmes

NCS students in HK

South Asia areunable toread & write Chinese

Child’s story

Placeholder statement

4,400 poor SA households and 17,900 poor SAs, with a poverty rate of 23.0% in Hong Kong

(Legislative Council Secretariat, 2020)

Poor Chinese proficiency remains the biggest barrier for job opportunities and social mobility

(EOC and The Centre for Youth Research and Practice of Hong Kong Baptist University, 2020)

More than 7 out of 10 teachers reported to not be
able to simultaneously cater for both Chinese and NCS students

(Oxfam et. al, 2020)

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