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Our goal is to build a CommUnity through language and multicultural education!
We currently have 2 main programme offerings for primary schools.

If you are interested in learning more about them or are hoping to find a programme related to language and multicultural education, please email us at

Cantonese, Culture, and CommUnity Learning Programme

Discover Chinese and celebrate intercultural identities with our year-long programme for lower primary non-Chinese students in Hong Kong. Spanning two semesters (September to November; February to April), we nurture confident, culturally-aware children poised to thrive within our CommUnity and beyond.


What’s special about us?

  • Tailored teaching

Our trained volunteers provide tailored instruction, ranging from 1:1 to 1:5, to meet each child's needs. More than tutors, they are mentors and companions, committed to understanding and advancing each student's unique learning journey.

  • Comprehesive coverage

We teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Cantonese and Chinese, alongside exploring the culture of diverse communities and life in Hong Kong, equipping students for practical communication and broadened cultural understanding.

  • Progressive and cohesive curriculum

Our teaching materials are crafted to adhere to the EDB's Second Language Framework and HKU's Progression Framework, ensuring a structured and relevant learning experience as we offer materials for different levels.

  • Meaningful and memorable materials

We employ interactive methods like games and flashcards, choosing topics that resonate with the children's daily lives, making learning both practical and memorable.

  • Effective and engaging evaluation

Our assessment strategy includes qualitative tutor feedback and structured evaluations before and after the programme, tracking advancement in language skills, personal identity, and cultural understanding.

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From Me to We: Cultural Intelligence Training Programme

Embark on our Cultural Intelligence journey, crafted for groups large and small, inclusive of both Chinese and non-Chinese students. This programme ignites a passion for social inclusion, cultivating skills like empathy and adaptability, and shaping leaders ready to thrive in a diverse CommUnity.

Our signature "From Me to We Programme" is a series of 1.5-hour sessions that focus on different aspects of cultural intelligence, developed specifically for primary school children! Each workshop is crafted to enrich the fabric of a unified community, equipping students to appreciate and thrive amidst diversity. Here is a snapshot of your potential journey with us!

We also offer one-off workshops that can be tailored to your exact needs, and are suitable for people of all ages.

What’s special about us?
  • Intercultural immersion

Inspired by the EU's T-Kit 4, our curriculum fosters intercultural understanding through creative engagement, allowing students to explore diverse cultures within Hong Kong and embrace key communication values.

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  • Constructive collaboration

Our programmes encourage students to engage in constructive teamwork, forging friendships and collaborative success through hands-on projects that excite and educate.

  • Artistic adventures

We provide students the opportunity to express their individuality and strengthen community ties through art, culminating in creations that enhance school displays or become treasured additions to their homes.


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