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The Scene

Hong Kong is home to over 300,000 non-Chinese neighbours.
As of 2021,
over 1 in 3 are under 25 years old.
Our non-Chinese youths desire a good future

A survey by the EOC revealed high aspirations among our non-Chinese youth; 80% aim for higher education and 90% aspire to secure a good job.


Want a college or
university education

Wish to get a good job

They are our future. So, we must change the current scene:
Lower Chinese proficiency of the non-Chinese community

Despite recognising the value of Chinese language skills, only 43% of Asian (non-Chinese) parents report their children can speak Cantonese, and a mere 15% can read it.


Schools struggle to bridge the educational gap due to limited resources and the challenge of addressing learning differences. This disparity can hinder students' learning progress and future opportunities.

Racial stereotyping and discrimination

In 2018, over 50% of non-Chinese youths felt perceived negatively by Hong Kong's Chinese populace, a sentiment echoed in Unison’s survey where Chinese respondents often held negative stereotypes (such as being troublesome or violent) towards non-Chinese communities.


Alarmingly, nearly 40% were averse to sharing their community with South Asians, underscoring a pressing need for social inclusion and educational equity.

Identity struggles

Non-Chinese youths, while self-identifying as 'locals', face a challenging reality: nearly half consider leaving Hong Kong, feeling a lack of acceptance. A separate survey reveals that one in four Chinese respondents believe 'Hongkongers' should be ethnically Chinese and native-born.


This highlights the urgent need for inclusive spaces where multicultural identities can be embraced, and young people can positively connect with their sense of self.

By transforming our CommUnity, we look forward to seeing our non-Chinese neighbours thrive alongside our Chinese neighbours in Hong Kong.

To do this, we take a
two-prong approach:
DSC_9988 (1).jpg

Increasing our non-Chinese neighbours’ Chinese language competence and confidence to unlock more opportunities for our non-Chinese students 

DSC02457 (1).jpg

Increasing our Chinese and non-Chinese neighbours’ cultural literacy and intimacy to create a space for healthy racial identity exploration and community building


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