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Volunteer with our
​CantoGather Family!

Become a Tutor!

Join our unique Cantonese, Cultural, and Community Learning Programme!

We're looking for volunteer tutors to journey with our non-Chinese children in local primary schools!

We recruit volunteers every July and December.

Join our rigorous programme as a volunteer tutor and experience a rewarding journey:
Dynamic Training Workshops

Over two 2-hour sessions, we will delve into important topics, including cultural intelligence, effective student management, and important skills for teaching Chinese as a second language.

Practical Teaching Experience

Over a period of 10 weeks, you'll teach non-Chinese primary school students either individually or in small groups, fostering lasting connections along the way.

Interactive Cultural Experiences

In our first session, you will be able to reflect on your identity within a multicultural city and discuss sensitive topics such as racial stereotypes and discrimination.

In our second session, you can explore the diverse neighbourhoods of Hong Kong with a community walk near the school. This exploration lets you learn more about the daily lives of our non-Chinese neighbours and broaden your understanding of our multicultural city.

Become a

Skilled Volunteer!

We also aren’t looking for just tutors!

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join us in various capacities. Whether your skills lie in marketing, finance, design, or teaching planning – we have a place for you in our year-round volunteer opportunities!

Explore the diverse range of volunteer positions and stay updated with the latest openings on our Time Auction page.

If you're ready to contribute to a meaningful cause and grow along the way, please fill in this form. We're excited to connect with you and find a role that fits your skills and interests. Let's join hands in making a real difference!

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Stories with our Volunteers!


Tutor, University Student

I joined CantoGather as I love to engage with children. I can still remember how nervous I was when I first stepped into the classroom when I had little experience teaching non-Chinese students. Thanks to the teaching and cultural workshops provided by CantoGather, I have gained a better understanding of students' needs and cultural backgrounds, which increased my confidence in organising learning activities for my student.


CantoGather is a big, warm family. It is precious to have a group of people who are passionate about multicultural inclusion and providing learning support for ethnic minority students in Hong Kong. I am very glad to be one of the tutors, and I learnt a lot from the CG team and other tutors. It seems like a small step in teaching Cantonese but a big step towards social integration in Hong Kong! 


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