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We designed our Programme for our participants -
both non-Chinese students and tutors to grow in 
cultural intelligence so that they have a greater capacity 
when interacting with people of different cultures 
and actively build a multicultural Hong Kong!

Programme 1

Individualised Cantonese & multicultural learning programme

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Programme Content

  • ≤ 2:5 small-group teaching

  • 2 x 1 language assessment

  • Include 6 units of learning materials in culturally aware content

  • Include Interactive & relatable materials in different levels (defined by EDB)



  • 60 non-Chinese primary school students to be taught

  • 60 tutors to be trained

  • 2 primary schools to have collaborated


Programme Objectives

Our student...

  • Can start understanding and forming his / her identity as a third-culture kid in Hong Kong

  • Is interested in learning Chinese and sees its relevance to his / her life

  • Has means where he / she can continue Chinese learning outside our classes

  • Sees that he / she is loved, seen, and cared for by a fellow Chinese neighbour!

Our tutor...

  • Is more culturally intelligent - has more compassion and understanding of our non-Chinese neighbours in HK

  • Can teach a second language learner Chinese effectively

  • Has a desire to integrate with our non-Chinese neighbours

Programme 2

Cultural x Language Learning Buddy Programme

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Programme Content

Year-long Programme

  • 12 collaborative projects / competitions related to language & culture

  • 4 cross-cultural exchange sessions with a language focus

One-off Programme

  • 1 cross-cultural exchange sessions with a language focus



  • Students from 1 year (P1-3)

  • 6 paid Cultural Champions (3 non-Chinese youths + 3 Chinese youths)


Programme Objectives

Our students are...

  • More motivated to interact with students of other ethnicities

  • More knowledgeable of cultures other than their own

  • Capable of forming their identity as a multicultural citizen in HK

  • Able to practice speaking English / Cantonese beyond the classroom in enjoyable contexts

Our youths are...

  • More confident in being in positions of leadership

  • Clear about who he / she is and can be in Hong Kong

  • Capable of effective communication and problem-solving

  • Able to eloquently communicate what it means to be in a multicultural society


What’s special about our Programme?

Objective Goals

Our learning objectives match the Education Bureau's Chinese Language Second Language Learning Framework.

Holistic Growth

Our programme boosts students' Cantonese skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and cultural intelligence.


Our materials are structured by levels, not grades. By ability, and not mere availability.


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