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The Scene

Hong Kong is home to over 300,000 non-Chinese neighbours.
As of 2021,
over 1 in 3 are under 25 years old.

Our non-Chinese youths desire a good future

An EOC survey showed that our non-Chinese youths have high education and career aspirations; 80% reported that they would want a college or university education and 90% wished to get a good job.


Want a college or
university education


Wish to get a good job

They are our future. So, we must change the current situation:

Lower Chinese proficiency of the non-Chinese community

Even though many parents find learning Chinese important, only 43% of Asians (excluding Chinese) could speak Cantonese, and even less (15%) could read. With limited support, schools find it hard to teach Chinese effectively; teachers reported that catering for learning and language differences between Chinese and non-Chinese students is hard, which in turn affects the students’ overall learning progress. Ultimately, lower Chinese proficiency significantly limits the opportunities available.

Racial stereotyping and discrimination

Social exclusion and discrimination are inversely related to education expectations and academic attainment. In 2018, over 50% of non-Chinese youths felt negatively by viewed HK’s Chinese members. This is reflected in Unison’s survey, where Chinese participants reported mostly negative impressions (e.g. troublesome, violent) of the non-Chinese community. Almost 40% of them did not accept living in the same community as South Asians.

Building up cultural intelligence can help improve cross-cultural
 performance, satisfaction, involvement and adaptation.

Help Hong Kong become a true melting pot of cultures.

We can transform our society through language and multicultural education.

We are here to

CommUnity a reality.
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